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We use real human proofreaders, not computer programs, online tools, or artificial intelligence (AI). Our proofreaders are able to make very subtle language choices and to highlight errors that often go undetected by a machine. Please contact us for a quotation and to give your documents the human touch.

IMPROVE YOUR MESSAGE! provides English language proofreading, editing, website review, and technical writing services for Canada and the international market.

We are based near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in the town of Almonte. We proofread and edit documents such as user manuals, student essays, theses, scientific papers, brochures, resumés, marketing communications, proposals, contracts, and reports. If you are producing ANY written material for an English language audience, please contact us.

Is English not your first language?

Are you an international student? This is a special invitation for you to try our services! Many of our clients do not speak English as a first language and they have been very happy getting better results and creating more effective marketing material.


“Proofreading” contains the word “proof”, which is related to the words “prove” and “improve”. To “proofread” really means to prove the validity of your message. Whether it is a research essay or some marketing material, it can be improved with proofreading.

So, it’s not just about the English language. It’s about your message.