Since 2006, has offered proofreading services for students and international companies. We have recently expanded to include editing, website review, and technical writing services.

Proofreading – Always our primary focus

In a river, rocks on the bottom cause turbulence on the surface. The water will still flow downstream, but it will be choppy and rough. Many international students and business leaders have acquired excellent English skills. But, in order to be truly effective in the English market, their written material needs a final level of “polish”.

In an essay, this final revision can make the difference between a B+ and an A+. In a business report or sales campaign, it can make the difference between profit and loss. Let us remove the rocks and pebbles to let your English flow smoothly.

Proofreading will correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, articles, and simple grammar mistakes. It is charged by the page (300 words) at the Proofreading rate.

Copy Editing – More than proofreading

“Copy” is the written text in any publication. Copy Editing is the process of improving the formatting, style and accuracy of the text, without changing the substance.

Sometimes there is a fine line between proofreading and copy editing. If we feel that your document requires copy editing before proofreading, we will quote the job at the Copy Editing rate, which includes proofreading.

As part of Copy Editing, we will include comments and questions to help you improve your writing skills and to explain why certain changes were made.

Website Review – Proofreading your website

Your website is your most important marketing asset. As well as the written and graphic content, the site contains navigation buttons and links. So, in the process of proofreading your site, we will navigate to all the appropriate pages and make sure not only that the user interface works, but that it makes sense.

As part of the review, we will report all confusing parts so you can change the site and avoid any customer frustration. We want your users to say “Ah, this website really flows well!”

This service includes a written report and is charged at an hourly rate.

Technical Writing – Original Documentation and Online Help

Can you afford your own on-staff technical writers? If your company needs ANY written documentation, ask us for a quote. We can interview your subject-matter experts and write clear and professional documentation, using the tools of your choice.

We will create original user manuals, online Help, marketing material, website content, and even online training. We will also respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP) on your behalf and help you win new business. Especially if your first language is not English, let us do your original writing.

All writing is charged at an hourly rate and includes proofreading by an independent proofreader.


“Thank you for the previous paper you helped me with; I got an 88%, the highest mark I have ever got for an English paper! I now have another for you. Could I please have it in the Next Day time frame (within 24 hours)?”     – Tammy P.

“I would like to thank you for your last time proofreading; I got a really good mark for my report.”     – Sarah C.

“Thanks for your help with my essay. I got an “A” … my first one!”     – Zhou Y.

“You did a great job on the Business Plan – I am attaching our Strategic Plan for proofreading as well.”     – Rob W.

“I used this service more than once, and never ceases to amaze me. The services and the prices are great. For sure, I would recommend them to everybody!”     – Ahmad A.